Types of Lawyer

There are lawyers today that specialize in many different aspects of the law including corporate or international law but the ones that we will probably need the services of are the divorce or personal injury lawyers. We obviously know what the divorce lawyers are needed for and all hope that we never need their services but we may never know when we are going to need the services of a personal injury lawyer. This is a branch of the legal services which is perhaps more busy than you would think and they can be involved in individual cases such as a road accident or larger ones that involve hundreds of claims as in the case of some industrial accidents. In almost all of these incidents, it is probably beneficial to have a local lawyer look after your claim as they are aware of all the local by-laws as well as the national laws concerning claims for accidents. This means that although you may live somewhere else but were involved in an accident whilst on a visit to Texas, a leading injury lawyer in houston is who would be best suited to look after your claim.

One accident that required many accident lawyers to get involved in was the recent accident with the BP Company where $4.5 billion was set aside for claims but other smaller industrial accidents can also require the services of several lawyers. Road accidents obviously are responsible for the large majority of total accidents but there are also a surprisingly high number of railroad accidents too, some of which involve the derailment of hazardous freight. It is estimated that in the US alone, one railroad carriage containing hazardous freight is derail every two weeks. Each time one of these accidents occurs of course, there could be a multitude of claims regarding health hazards in the local vicinity. If that number is somewhat surprizing, the total number of railroad accidents or derailments will be even more so as, on average, in the US, one takes place every 90 minutes. It is perhaps a little consoling to know that the number of accidents concerning trains and vehicles is declining but unfortunately, at the same time, the number of accidents concerning trains and pedestrians in on the increase. 50% of all these accidents occur at crossings of which, only 80% have correct and adequate warning devices. Some say that this high number of accidents can also be partially blamed on the railroad companies as many of them insist on still using technology that is at least 70 years old.

If you are starting to think you may be safer at sea, remember accidents also happen on board boats and oil rigs but, in those particular incidents, instead of seeking the assistance of a regular personal injury lawyer, you may be better off hiring a lawyer that specializes in maritime law. Whatever the reason for needing a lawyer though, it is always best to hire one that specializes in what your problem is as, not only can the results be better but, they may also be faster in coming.