SEO and Social Media Sites

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and although at one time SEO specialists could ignore the social media sites and still be effective in getting visitors to their client’s websites, that is no longer the case as the social media sites have now grown so popular, they cannot afford to be ignored any longer.

The idea of SEO is to attract visitors to a specific website, usually by the use of keywords which would capture the search engine’s attention whilst making searches or by back links which would place links to one website, on another website. These strategies did and still do work well but now it is known that most people, spend most of their online time, on one or other of the social media sites.

This means that if you want to attract visitors to a website, you must be visible on those social media sites as well as just on the net in general. The website offers one way in which a particular business’s website can be seen on social media. This website provides one of the employee advocacy platforms which are turning out to be very successful in getting businesses websites noticed on social media.

The program probably works best for businesses which have a good employer employee relationship because the success of the program relies on employees using the social media whilst having the business brand on the site. As any post by an employee on the program, on social media, will have the business’s brand clearly shown, the brand becomes more visible on the web especially considering that if the employee’s friends also pass on the post, the brand will be seen by even more people.

Most of these programs do however provide options for those businesses which do not have such good employee employer relationships and these include an option or options which will encourage the employees to join the program even if they are not too keen to do so if it is not described as part of their necessary work.

There are of course other ways to get a business’s website noticeable on the social media and an SEO specialist should be able to assist you with those however, an employee advocacy program is perhaps the best way to become visible on social media as it is only limited by the number of combined friends the business’s employees have.

Social media is so popular today that it is though that most people now spend more time on one of the social media sites than they spend on any other activity apart from work and sleep. Social media does therefore offer the ideal opportunity to get a website visible and so if that means encouraging employees to assist, then it is perhaps something which should be done.

If an incentive program is added to those employees that join the program, the results could be even better than expected, producing a very high level of visibility across a spectrum of different social media sites.