Medicare Supplements

It is possibly understandable that not everybody understands what Medicare supplements are because many people do not even fully understand Medicare. Medicare supplements are though, supplemental insurance which you can buy to fill any gaps in the coverage your particular Medicare plan has and hence these supplements are often referred to as Medigap insurance. You can find out more about these supplements at

Before you buy any supplement of this kind though, it is advisable to first understand fully, what your Medicare insurance covers you for. The basic Medicare plan, the plan which is free for people over the age of 65 who have worked for a minimum of 3 years is described as Plan A.

This gives coverage for hospital stays of up to a certain number of days per year and can be easily requested from the social security offices. Plan B is an optional extra which can be paid for and allows coverage of out-patient visits and house calls by a doctor. Both of these plans have supplements if required to extend the number of days in hospital or to increase the number of house calls per year.

If you would prefer Plan C, you would go to an insurance company rather than social security as this is a private health insurance which covers aspects of both Plan A and Plan B but, as you opt for this instead of Plan A, the government will pay part of the premiums for you and in doing so still help with your medical expenses if you are over the age of 65.

Plan D covers prescription drugs and makes them available at a discount which, with the high cost of prescription drugs today, can be a very large saving. You can of course opt to pay for Plan D regardless of what other plan or plans you may have and once again there may be a supplement you can purchase to reduce the cost of the prescription drugs even further.

Once you have worked for at least 3 years and have reached the age of 65, you will qualify for Medicare and so it is just a matter of applying for the plan or plans you want at either the social security office for plans A, B or D or at an insurance company’s office for plan C.

Once you have determined which plans you want and found out exactly what you are covered for or not covered for, it is then that you may want to consider any of the Medicare supplements that are available.

Although you will of course want the best possible coverage you can get, there are the costs to consider and so even if you would want a supplement, it may be financially beyond your reach. Juggling what health care insurance you want and what you can afford is a dilemma many people face but fortunately there are websites, like the one mentioned above, that can offer you advice on both the Medicare plans and what supplements you may want with each.