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The Fair Labor Standards Act or FLSA makes sure that employees get paid with fair compensation for their work. Fair wages are especially reiterated for on-call or overtime jobs. One of the best ways for you to ensure you get rightfully compensated is to find overtime lawyer. FLSA requires covered employers to give overtime pay to their covered or non-exempt workers with at least the minimum wage. There are circumstances however that an overtime pay is not applicable. This is the reason why you need to find overtime lawyer in order to understand your rights and know if you are entitled to overtime dues. Based on the provisions of the FLSA, there are circumstances when an employee is covered and could receive overtime compensation. It is vital to find overtime lawyer so that you get a detailed explanation about your employment and wage rights.

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Employees of a covered employer that engaged in interstate commerce such as production, handling, and selling of goods are entitled to an overtime pay. Take note that covered employers are those that have 2 or more hired regular employees in their enterprise. The FLSA also includes the definition of “certain enterprises” which you will understand more when you find overtime lawyer. Certain enterprises for instance mean that the business has $500,000 or more gross revenue in a yearly basis. Long-term care facilities, certain hospitals, and schools are likewise in this category. If you think that you are not getting your due compensation from your company under this category, it is high time to find overtime lawyer find overtime lawyer. Employees that are entitled to overtime compensation are also those that work in the transportation or communications field. Your work requires telephones, mails, or telegraphs for interstate communication and you keep records of your interstate transactions. Employers are required to pay their employees who are also regularly crossing state lines in line of their job duties. You can find overtime lawyer so that you will have a comprehensive understanding of all these FLSA provisions. Even employees that work for independent employers are entitled to overtime pay. For instance, they have contracts to do maintenance, custodial, clerical, or other jobs in line with interstate commerce.

The computation of your overtime pay is another vital component to carefully look into. Employees must learn how to properly and accurately compute their compensation. If you don’t have any idea, you can always find overtime lawyer for assistance. Overtime pay rate is 1 ½ of the hourly rate of the employee. Thus, in the long run, employers apparently pay more for overtime than they do with their employee’s regular rate. This could also be one of the reasons why some employers refuse to pay overtime compensation to their workers. It is on instances like this when you need to find overtime lawyer. Federal and state laws protect employees to a great extent especially when it comes to unpaid wages and overtime pays. Contact Florida Overtime Lawyer for more legal assistance!