Canadian DUI Lawyers

You may think, or at least hope that you will never need the assistance of a Canadian DUI lawyer but you may need one sooner than you think, even before you enter Canada. Enter Canada with a DUI today, that is to say a DUI conviction, is something that may not be easy to do, especially if that conviction is less than 5 years old for a single offense or less than 10 years old for multiple offenses. In accordance with Canadian law, Canadian immigration officers are allowed to deem you criminally inadmissible to the country, if any DUI offenses show on your criminal record. In certain circumstances, where you may have been charged with an offense but it is still awaiting sentencing, an immigration officer may use their own discretion but this is one of the times where having been in touch with a Canadian DUI lawyer could assist you.

There is a very good chance that any immigration officer would favourably on you entering the country under such circumstances if, you were in possession of a legal letter from a Canadian lawyer, which lays out the position of the charge. Another time you may need the services of a Canadian DUI lawyer is if you have some offenses which are newer than the prescribed time and yet still want to be admitted into the country. It is possible to enter Canada, even with a record that reflects DUI charges, if you have in your possession a temporary resident permit. This permit can be issued if you meet certain criteria and those criteria are well known to the Canadian DUI lawyers and so they can assist you in successfully applying for one. You will though, on the permit application, have to provide a good reason as to why it is important for you to enter the country.

Most countries take DUI offenses very seriously and so they should as DUI is responsible for a large percentage of traffic accidents. In Canada, as in the United States, DUI are the initials for driving under the influence but not all countries refer to a mix of driving and consuming alcohol as that, they may use different terms but they all mean the same type of offense. In the UK it is referred to simply as drunken driving and it was there, in London, in 1897, that the first chare was ever brought for such an offense. The charged person was George Smith a taxi driver who had hit another vehicle. He was found guilty and fined 25 shillings which in today’s money would equate to £127 or roughly US$190. That was the first offense but today these offenses are looked on more seriously and many may even result in a prison sentence. It does not matter what name these offenses come under or which country they occurred in, if a Canadian immigration officer sees one on your record, there is a very strong chance that that officer will proclaim you criminally inadmissible to Canada.